Who Performs a SOC Audit?

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The AICPA has strict guidelines on who can, or cannot, sign off on a completed SOC audit. It is important to use a properly qualified CPA firm to complete your audit, in order to ensure that the proper processes, planning, and supervising go into your audit. 

What Kind of Organization is Certified to Complete a SOC Audit?

To fully comply with the standards for SOC reporting as established by the AICPA, SOC audits can only be completed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The CPA firm must be independent in fact and appearance, in order to properly perform your audit. 

If you choose a non-CPA auditor, any organization intending to use the report will not be able to confirm the validity of the information and findings within the report. Independent SPC auditing firms also submit to a periodic peer review process in order to ensure quality reporting. 

If your auditor does not have the proper training and qualifications, or is not CPA-certified, they will not be able to fulfill the fundamental requirements of SOC auditing per the AICPA. 

Can Any Other Kind of Organization Sign Off on a SOC Audit?

It can be confusing for organizations who are new to SOC reporting, however, the AICPA requires specific certifications and capabilities for any CPA that will be working through the SOC reporting process.  

A qualified CPA firm must be retained for a proper SOC audit and final report. A certified CPA firm will be able to properly evaluate the design of your organization’s controls and the operating effectiveness, as well as abide by the professional standards set out by the AICPA. 

A qualified independent CPA firm may use non-CPA staff with applicable IT and security skills to help prepare for a SOC audit, however, the final report must be reviewed and signed by a CPA. 

Who Performs a SOC Audit?

What Happens if a Non-CPA Auditing Firm Signs Off on My SOC Audit?

If a non-CPA signs off on your organization’s SOC report, it would be invalid and would need to be performed again per the guidelines set out by the AICPA. This could waste your organization’s time and money.  

Auditwerx is an Independent, Certified CPA Auditing Firm

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