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Market your capabilities with a SOC 3 report.

Information security and data privacy is top of mind for most companies. Ensuring security throughout the data path has become a significant part of many organizations vendor management practices. There are times that organizations need to highlight their internal control environment but a SOC 2 report just contains too much confidential information. In this case, a SOC 3 report is the perfect solution.

From Start Ups to Large Organizations,
Auditwerx is the SOC 3 Partner You Can Rely On.

Our simple SOC 3 process makes it easy for any size organization to receive the accreditation they need to build trust with their clients. Our experienced auditors will help you align your compliance efforts across frameworks, working around your business needs for an easy and efficient assessment experience.

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Are you new to the SOC reporting process? Auditwerx isn’t. Our vast experience combined with a unique “hands on” preparation method limits your guesswork and helps you to efficiently prepare for the SOC reporting process.

Let Us Simplify SOC 3 Reporting

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WHY A SOC 3 Report?

A SOC 3 report, like the SOC 2 report, is based on the The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants’ (AICPA) five Trust Services Principles and their corresponding criteria. This report provides assurance about the controls at a service organization relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and/or privacy. It is prepared for general use and can be freely distributed or used for marketing purposes.

A SOC 3 report is a short form report containing: a brief auditor’s opinion, management assertion, and a brief narrative providing background on the service organization. The SOC 3 report contains very little details that might be deemed confidential since the report can be distributed on the service organization’s webpage. A SOC 3 report must be done in conjunction with a SOC 2.

What to Expect During Your SOC 3 Examination

Every examination we perform is completed with your end goals in mind. Our communication protocols provide for frequent contact with you throughout the engagement period in order to facilitate delivery on your expected timeline.

SOC 3®

Step 1: Planning & Readiness

Communication is essential in completing a SOC report and it starts in the planning process. Our planning begins with a kickoff call. The kickoff call is used to make introductions, identify key players, and points of contact. We also begin the process of understanding the services on which we will be providing an opinion. Where a readiness assessment has been requested, we establish the dates for the readiness work (for first-time SOC reporters) and/or fieldwork (for recurring clients). In readiness, we assess the data flow of the services, identify controls, and provide a gap analysis of controls that may need implementation or improvement. The planning and readiness process is critical to creating open communication designed to obtain maximum efficiencies that will be realized in the Type 2 reporting process.

SOC 3®

Step 2: Preparation

Once the audit plan is established, we create the request list of support items needed in our secure online dashboard, in preparation of and coordination with you for the testing phase. Between the time of the audit plan establishment and the testing, your team starts compiling your supporting documentation and uploading it to the secure online portal. Remember, we are there to help, so we invite open communication if you have any questions. This preparation is essential to an efficient and effective audit experience.

SOC 3®

Step 3: Testing

Testing and gathering evidence is the core part of any compliance engagement. Based on the information gathered during the Planning & Preparation stages, evidence will be gathered to meet the objectives discussed. We believe that timely communication is key to this process and to building trust with you, our client.

SOC 3®

Step 4: Reporting

After the testing and internal reviews are completed, a draft report is issued for managements review. Any changes by management are processed and the final report is issued. With the final report, we will provide you with the appropriate AICPA seal of completion to be displayed on your website. This seal provides users of your services with notification that you have completed the SOC reporting process.

How much will Your SOC Audit cost?

When it comes to compliance certification, service organizations can often find it difficult to balance customer requirements and ROI.

Our goal is to deliver the efficient compliance assessments you need, at a price that makes sense for your business.

Once we have discussed your needs and current environment, there are several factors that impact our cost estimate:

Fixed-Fee Firm

Unlike most firms, Auditwerx is a true fixed fee firm. Our goal is to provide a service that will not only improve your operations, but also, result in a significant ROI.

Scope Expansion

Very few of our clients experience amendments. When necessary, they are usually the result of a scope expansion.

Flexible Structure

Our experienced auditors understand what your organization needs from a SOC report, and our low overhead ensures that our pricing is based on your need.

Not sure what kind of SOC Assessment you need?

If you have questions about SOC reporting, then Auditwerx has the answers!

Our handy guide is a great starting point to determine what kind of SOC report best fits your company’s needs. When you’re ready to speak with an experienced team about your reporting needs, Auditwerx will be here for you!

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