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Need help with HITRUST Security management?

HITRUST uses a Common Security Framework (CSF) to help healthcare organizations manage the security requirements of HIPAA. Having Auditwerx perform a HITRUST assessment can help you save time and money by creating a clear framework for complying with various regulatory requirements.

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With healthcare providers and business associates relying more and more on evolving technologies to store and transmit their data, managing the security requirements from federal and state agencies and other third parties can be overwhelming. The compliance requirements for healthcare and electronic patient health information (ePHI) stems from the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Security Rule which by now most experienced providers are familiar with; they must ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of any data they create, receive, maintain or transmit while providing reasonable protection against threats. However, the guidelines that allow for considerations such as the size, complexity and capabilities of the organization, including the technical infrastructure, are at times too broad to provide a specific and comfortable direction for providers.


HITRUST offers a third-party assessment that verifies your organization has met all of the industry-defined certification requirements of the HITRUST CSF. Developed by healthcare and IT professionals, the HITRUST (CSF) helps organizations by providing an efficient and prescriptive framework for managing the security requirements inherent in HIPAA. HITRUST seeks to save you considerable time and money when it comes to audits because the consolidated controls view from the HITRUST CSF provides visibility into the controls overlap among multiple regulatory requirements and allows you to demonstrate exactly how your controls program is meeting the combined requirements. HITRUST can offer providers a trusted benchmark from which they can measure and manage their own compliance while offering proven protection to their customers.


Overall the world of technology can be a complicated place when it comes to compliance. Completing a HITRUST CSF assessment can simplify this process by offering providers a tailored set of controls founded on expertise and best practices for an assumed set of risks and compliance requirements.

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Contact CRI to learn how we can help your organization navigate this process.

At Carr Riggs and Ingram LLC (CRI) our experienced professionals have the industry expertise and certifications to guide you through the HITRUST process. CRI has been approved by HITRUST for performing assessment and services associated with the CSF Assurance Program and the HITRUST CSF, a comprehensive security and privacy framework that incorporates the existing security requirements of healthcare organizations. As an approved HITRUST CSF Assessor, the team at CRI can complete the testing required to meet HITRUST CSF criteria, paving the way for our clients to earn HITRUST CSF certification.

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