CRI vSTAR™ – Virtual Compliance Audit

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The CRI vSTAR™ process combines minimal hardware, collaborative software, and cameras to allow us to perform all or part of our audit engagement virtually and in real time.

CRI vSTAR™  – Virtual Compliance Audit

Your Business Processes Are Evolving. Shouldn't SOC Auditing Processes Evolve Too?

Traditional audit models have been used for SOC examinations for many years to provide an outline for quality, comprehensive audits. With many companies/their employees now working remotely, businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions, and an ongoing advances in paperless or cloud based technologies, the traditional on-site audit may not be necessary in every circumstance.

Enter the Virtual Audit Process

By utilizing the CRI virtual Smart Tech Audits & Reviews (vSTAR™) process, Auditwerx is able to offer real time, quality SOC reporting that fits into your every day business needs. This process utilizes minimal hardware, collaborative software, and cameras to complete all or part of your audit in real time. 

This process is neither a “desk review” nor a “remote audit,” both of which often take up large amounts of time transferring files and don’t allow for proper interaction with management. The CRI vSTAR™ process integrates seamlessly within your existing business practices, offering virtual dialogue with process owners, and the ability to capture and share information electronically.

Why Choose CRI vSTAR™?

  • Increase Time Efficiencies
  • Reduce Travel Costs
  • Enhance Specialist Interaction
  • Minimize Back & Forth
  • Ease Evidence Gathering Burden

Efficient SOC Examination Services

A trusted SOC reporting partner can help you pass your examination with a convenient process that fits your schedule. The CRI vSTAR™ process allows us to conduct your SOC audit virtually – no matter where your organization might be.

Contact us today if you’re ready to simplify SOC reporting with Auditwerx.

CRI vSTAR™  – Virtual Compliance Audit

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