How Quickly Can I Get a Compliance Report?

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AuditwerxBlog How Quickly Can I Get a Compliance Report

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the quick way to get what you want often leads to disappointment and unforeseen issues. The same is true in compliance reporting. While it may be frustrating to learn that an audit could take several months to be completed properly, you owe it to your clients and key stakeholders to ensure that your report is completed in the proper manner. 

If a service auditor offers your organization an expedited assessment, be it for SOC, PCI or any other applicable standard and they do not require interaction with key stake holders to gain appropriate evidence and information, then it’s time to find a different firm.  

Your clients and stakeholders rely on your compliance reports to get an accurate picture of the process and information relevant to building trust through security processes. Opting for a “quick fix” often means a generic report document with your logo on the cover. This poses immense risk to your reputation and could end up with lost business due to trust issues related to cutting corners. 

If you want a thorough compliance report, tailored to your organization, look no further than Auditwerx. Our experienced team will be able to walk you through the necessary processes and support your organization from readiness to your final report. Contact Auditwerx today. 

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