3 Tips for Choosing a Security Audit Partner

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AuditwerxBlog 3 Tips for Choosing a Security Audit Partner

Choosing a security audit partner can seem like just one more thing to deal with when embarking on your compliance journey, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. 

Consider these 3 aspects when doing your due diligence in choosing an audit partner, whether you are new to the compliance reporting process or looking for a new audit partner: 

  1. Timeframe: Has your provider of choice suggested a suspiciously short turnaround time for your report? Be sure to question any provider that does not factor in enough time for a thorough review of your system information and understanding of your unique control structure. You want to make sure your audit firm has a clear understanding of your organization, industry, and security needs. All SOC reports, and other frameworks, rely on a complete review of your systems and controls. 
  2. Pricing: As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. While at first it may seem to be a benefit if your audit firm of choice offers services well below standard rates, there is likely a reason why. Chances are they are not putting in the time and effort necessary to provide a proper report. A subpar report may pose a substantial risk to your organization down the road. 
  3. Sample Reports: Because SOC reports contain proprietary client information, they should be tailored to each client’s individual security needs. While standardized sections do exist, Auditwerx does not provide example reports due to this reason. Be wary of reports that have generic template language that may result in your logo added on the cover page, with no specific language regarding your system or controls. These types of reports are not in compliance with the AICPA standards. 

When you’re ready to partner with an audit firm that has your organization’s best interests in mind, it’s time to contact Auditwerx. Our experienced team will provide thorough and accurate security reporting solutions from SOC to PCI DSS and more. 

If you are ready for a true security reporting and compliance partner, contact Auditwerx today. 

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