Why You Should Have a Clean Desk Policy

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Auditwerx Blog Why You Should Have a Clean Desk Policy

No matter how many digital security precautions you take, it’s important to remember the little things – like not leaving your password out on a sticky note! Find out how a clean desk policy can help keep your workspace in order and protect your data.

What is a Clean Desk Policy?

Implementing a clean desk policy doesn’t mean you’re scrubbing your desk at the end of each work day – but perhaps it might be a good idea to clear those bagel crumbs away!

A clean desk policy is actually one integral part of any company’s security strategy. It is a simple way for all employees to contribute to a secure working environment by clearing their desk of sensitive information before ending their workday. That could include things like: securely disposing of sensitive notes or documents, ensuring necessary documents are placed in a safe location, or putting removable media devices out of sight. This helps to prevent the likelihood of fraudulent activity.

5 Benefits of a Clean Desk Policy for Your Business.

A clean desk policy is simple to implement, but could have a BIG impact on the security of your business! here are our top 5 benefits of utilizing a clean desk policy:

1. Keep Your Company Secure – While password management should be it’s own policy area, encourage your employees to never leave their password on sticky notes or on other written media. While it can sometimes be a challenge to create memorable, secure passwords, leaving this information on your desk is like handing the keys to your car over to a stranger.

2. Control Sensitive Information – This one should be pretty obvious, but you don’t want to keep sensitive information lying around for just anyone to see! Items like USB drives should be securely put away at the end of the day to prevent data theft. Printer trays should be checked for forgotten documents, and meeting rooms should be cleared before you leave.

3. Get a Head Start on Compliance – Maintaining a clean desk policy for your organization could help you with a variety of different compliance frameworks or industry standards. Implementing one now, is one less thing you have to worry about during the compliance readiness or examination period.

4. Cutting Waste, Cutting Costs – A clean desk policy could encourage your team to cut down on paper waste and use digital document options. This could cut down on paper and printing costs for your organization. 

5. Declutter Your Space – A nicely organized space can help with productivity! You always know where important assets are when you need them. 

Encouraging your employees to take control over their space with a clean desk policy could have a lasting impact on your business. From improved privacy protections, to bolstering compliance initiatives, to just making community workspaces a nicer place to be, the benefits of a clean desk policy shouldn’t be overlooked!

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