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We all get busy, but it’s important to find time to back up the important files on your hard drive. Having a copy of important family photos, videos, documents, or emails can preserve your memories at home.

 Likewise, ensuring that your business has a plan for keeping regular backups of important information could be vital for the continuation of your business in the event of a crisis.

Why Create a Backup?

Losing important files is more common than you might think. It only takes one small failure to lead to a big issue for your business. Up to 29% of data loss is caused on accident – if you have a backup policy in place, that data can easily be recovered.

There are a number of options available for creating a backup of your important information. From online resources, to external hard drives, it’s important to find the system that works best for you.

World Backup Day - March 31st

March 31st is World Backup Day, so if you’ve never taken the time to backup your computer and create a secure copy of your important memories and documents, now is the perfect time to get started. 

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