3 Reasons Why PCI DSS Compliance is Important to Your Business

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Auditwerx Blog 3 Reasons Why PCI DSS Compliance is Important to Your Business

Now that you know what the requirements for PCI DSS compliance are (check out our PCI Primer Part 1 post for a refresher), you may be wondering how it impacts your business. Any entity that processes, stores or transmits cardholder data and/or sensitive authentication data (see the PCI DSS Glossary for definitions) needs to abide by the PCI DSS security requirements. 

  1. Following PCI DSS requirements will help prevent credit card fraud and ensure that consumers’ personal information is kept secured. Showing that you can handle information securely can win BIG trust points with current and potential customers. When they see this certification, they know that they can rely on you for secure payment method processing, helping to grow your bottom line.  
  2. Ensuring PCI DSS compliance will mitigate your risk of a sensitive data breach. Cyber threats are real – and your business should be taking them seriously. If your systems are not PCI compliant, you may be the victim of a cybercriminal, costing your business time and money – or worse. Building PCI compliance into your processes helps to secure the future of your business for the long term. 
  3. Maintaining PCI DSS compliance could help you more easily reach compliance with other necessary security frameworks. Life is full of opportunities – and you want your business to be ready for future growth. Creating good security practices now will allow your business to more easily grow new business in different industries in the future. 

Need we say more? PCI DSS compliance saves your business time, money, and headaches down the road. Not sure where to start when it comes to PCI compliance for your business? We are a certified PCI QSA, and we’re ready to give you the expert guidance your business needs. If you’re ready to partner with an Auditwerx PCI specialist, contact us today! 

Next time, we’ll be exploring best practices for making PCI DSS compliance a daily habit for employees at every level. Stay tuned for more from our experts! 

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