What to Know About Emerging SOC 2 Compliance Software: Part 1

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Auditwerx Blog What to Know About Emerging SOC 2 Compliance Software Part 1

The number of new software options that promise to streamline SOC 2 compliance has exploded in recent years – but are they really making compliance easier? 

There is no magic answer, but while SOC 2 compliance software can help you get a better understanding of what your compliance needs are, it’s no substitute for an experienced human auditor. 

We’ll be exploring SOC 2 software, as well as the pros and cons, over the course of our new blog series.

SOC 2 Compliance Software: An Emerging Industry

SOC 2 audit software is part of an emerging industry that promotes the automation of evidence collection, monitoring, framework alignment, workflow management, and more. In some cases, this type of software may enable streamlined data collection without extra effort from your service organization. 

This kind of software is often popular with organizations undergoing a SOC 2 audit for the first time, and offers a number of templatized tools meant to support the auditing process.

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, SOC 2 audit software won’t be able to:

  • Consider the necessary security requirements of your business or industry.
  • Analyze the complexity of your unique security environment.
  • Examine vulnerabilities within your systems or controls.
  • Provide customized risk analysis.
  • Identify in-scope components.
  • Adjust according to your security controls.
  • Assess your market offering or industry.
  • Scale with your organization as it matures.

Organizational Challenges

There can also be potential challenges when adopting this kind of software on an organizational level. For instance, user turnover within your organization could result in a loss of knowledge. The tool could add additional overhead in regards to internal staff maintenance and training.

Most importantly, it could create a false sense of confidence within your organization, even if your security controls are not designed properly. Service organizations might over rely on their SOC 2 compliance platform, making it easier to overlook gaps or issues.

Rely on an Experienced Team

Automated software is not necessarily the one step tool you may have heard about. While it can certainly have it’s place in the compliance process, there are other considerations that a qualified human auditor may be better equipped to address. If you’re ready to get get in touch with an experienced auditing team, contact Auditwerx today.

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