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Auditwerx Blog SOC Readiness FAQ

The most important tool in your organization’s SOC arsenal is the SOC readiness audit. A SOC readiness assessment will help set you up for success by identifying key controls or factors that might need to be remediated before your final SOC report is completed.

If you have questions about SOC readiness, check out our SOC Readiness FAQ.

Why do I Need a SOC Readiness Assessment?

A SOC readiness engagement will review your internal controls and processes in order to help identify any gaps or ineffective control measures. You will be able to remediate them before your final audit, which will help to eliminate possible hold ups or headaches for your finalized SOC report.

How Quickly Can a Readiness Assessment be Completed?

Our experienced audit team can help you complete a readiness assessment quickly and easily.

Our collaborative readiness process will ensure that your organization is ready to go when it comes to your final SOC engagement with us. This will allow you to save time and money when it comes to receiving the certifications your business needs to continue your growth trajectory.

What to Expect From a SOC Readiness Engagement

There are 3 basic parts to your SOC readiness engagement.

  1. Gain an Understanding of Your Business – As your auditor, it’s important for us to fully understand the array of services you offer and the controls that will be subject to your final SOC evaluation. A SOC report is not a one-size-fits-all attestation, and your readiness report shouldn’t be either.
  2. Develop System Boundaries –After your in-scope services have been established, the work with you to clarify the processes and systems in order to establish boundaries pertaining to your upcoming SOC report. This step allows us to hone in on the critical factors that will impact your report and eliminate information that will not be applicable to the scope of your report.
  3. Identify Control Gaps – Once we have determined your in-scope processes and systems, we will pinpoint key controls and any gaps that might impact your final SOC report. A “control gap” could mean a control measure that hasn’t been put in place (but should be) or a current control measure that is ineffective. This step is critical as remediation will be required before completing your eventual SOC audit. Any gap fix identified during this process will need to be maintained over the reporting period to ensure compliance.

Comprehensive SOC Readiness Services

If you’re new to SOC reporting, don’t sweat it. Our comprehensive SOC readiness assessment will get you started on the right foot, and help your eventual SOC audit be a painless process. Contact us today to learn how we can help simplify the SOC process for your organization.

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