What is SOC+?

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Auditwerx Blog What is SOC+

There is a saying in the compliance industry: report once, test many. When it seems like your clients are requesting a variety of different certifications and compliance reports, it might be time to consider a SOC+ report. 

This type of compliance report allows for your controls to be mapped to multiple security frameworks, enabling you to demonstrate compliance with multiple standards within a single report. 

What Does a SOC+ Report Cover?

Your client’s trust is built on being able to demonstrate adherence to industry and regulatory standards. Independent, third-party auditors provide attestation and certification showing that your systems and processes work properly and as stated by your organization. It may be necessary to demonstrate to current and future clients that you are able to comply with a variety of different compliance frameworks – that is where a SOC+ report comes in. 

Your auditor will be able to test your controls and determine the suitability of design in order to meet multiple relevant compliance frameworks at the same time. This can help expedite reporting and build efficiencies in meeting different frameworks.  

Some additional frameworks you can layer on your SOC report during this type of examination include: HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001/27002, NIST SP 800-53, or NIST SP 800-171. 

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Choose Auditwerx for SOC+

When it comes to efficient SOC+ reporting, look no further than the experienced team at Auditwerx. Our team of certified cybersecurity auditors and CPAs will help you align your compliance efforts across frameworks, working around your business needs for a seamless assessment experience. Contact Auditwerx today. 

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