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Auditwerx assists organizations in reviewing and strengthening security and control environments.

To set-up a successful engagement, organizations must seek a provider that will spend time getting to know the organization, services and controls in place in order to deliver a quality report. 

 Therefore, a firm that provides high-quality compliance reports have the following:

Ability to gain a thorough understanding of the organization and its service offerings,

Subject matter expertise to understand both the processes and today’s digital environment; and

Experience in completing an examination.

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Why is Auditwerx the best partner for your organization?

1. Understanding

A high-quality partner understands that no two organizations are alike. Consequently, each organization has a different set of services and internal processes. Thus, conducting the examination as a checklist neglects important nuances that could either clarify a client’s internal control issues or identify more of them. A partner should take the time to understand the intricacies of an organization so that it delivers not only a trustworthy report, but also one that directly addresses the organizations qualities in its proposed solutions.

2. Subject matter expertise

A high degree of subject matter expertise is required to understand, test, and report what matters most to the report’s users – simultaneously ensuring that the reporting process is both effective and efficient. The goal is to avoid these two potential scenarios:

  1. The report contains more information that is needed, thereby effectively wasting the organizations time – and that of all users of the report.
  2. The report presents too little information and omits critical facts about the organization’s controls and data security.

An organization is comprised of a multitude of internal systems, so the organization must choose those that are most critical for the services that are the focus of the examination while excluding those of lesser importance. For instance, one of the more common areas to include is security and restrictions on data access because users want to know that data is protected under the organization’s control.  Ultimately, report readers rely on the report for assurance of secure data and other internal controls.

3. Experience

Examinations can be daunting, even for experienced organizations. Working with an experienced partner reduces the risk of wasting valuable resources or producing an unreliable report. A high-quality partner has in-depth expertise in efficiently conducting the examination. It also has a wide range of industry knowledge. Because of its efficiency, the experienced partner saves organizations time and resources.

Another differentiator of a high-quality partner are the credentials the auditors maintain. Because compliance reports include both IT systems and operational controls, the strongest partners are those with both IT and CPA credentials. The proper blend of CPA and IT subject matter expertise produces the most useful and relevant reports. Thus, a partner with the right credentials is excellently equipped to provide organizations with a report that provides value to all.

going above and beyond FOR OUR CLIENTS

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to provide the added value and personalized attention to our services and deliver reports in an efficient, professional and quality product while providing the value added business process and operational recommendations to improve the control environment currently in place.

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