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The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) outlines requirements to help companies avoid payment data breaches or credit card fraud, and is the result of collaboration between major security card brands. These requirements ensure that card payments receive proper protections. 

In many cases, service providers may not know that they need to be PCI compliant until clients start asking for assurance. One unique aspect of PCI compliance for service providers is registering for the Visa Global Registry of Service Providers or MasterCard SDP Compliant Registered Service Provider List. These lists are maintained by Visa and MasterCard for use by prospective customers to find service providers that Visa and MasterCard deem as PCI compliant.

Understanding PCI DSS Merchant Levels:

The process for being listed is straight forward but can be particularly daunting for organizations that are not directly dealing with cardholder data and therefore do not have a relationship with an acquiring bank. 

Click below to read about PCI DSS Merchant Levels for each major card brand:

Your PCI PArtner

Auditwerx can provide the guidance and assistance necessary to get a service provider easily through the Visa and MasterCard service provider registration process as well as keeping them listed.

Merchant levels may change, but Auditwerx QSAs understand what it takes to get through merchant assessments quickly and easily. Contact a PCI specialist today!

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