Does Cybersecurity Compliance Offer a Competitive Advantage?

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auditwerx blog does cybersecurity compliance offer a competitive advantage

The cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve – and so do the risks to your organization. Compliance may feel like a slog, or may be a difficult sell due to the perceived cost, but did you know that being able to demonstrate a comprehensive compliance program may also help your organization differentiate themselves from the competition and win new business?  

Demonstrating compliance with recognized cybersecurity frameworks, like SOC or PCI DSS, can help your organization build trust with current and potential clients. Effective security controls continue to be an increasing priority for your clients, which means your organization can leverage this as an advantage. 

What are the Benefits of Cybersecurity Compliance?

Improving your security posture through compliance reporting offers a number of benefits to your organization. Submitting to a cybersecurity compliance examination allows your organization to use recognized frameworks in order to identify and remedy security vulnerabilities and reduce risk. Developing comprehensive security policies can help develop a culture of cybersecurity awareness to help employees remain aware of potential threats. 

In some industries, cybersecurity compliance is a hard requirement. The obligation to maintain proper compliance standards could have legal or regulatory ramifications for organizations in these industries.  

Your organization’s reputation is one of your strongest tools in order to develop a competitive advantage. Demonstrating the implementation of effective security controls can help you stand out against competitors who may not have a robust cybersecurity program, or who may have experienced data breaches. 

Being able to provide current and prospective clients with certifications that highlight your organization’s value can help you stand out during the sales process and is increasingly a high priority for organizations who may be considering your services. 

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The Competitive Advantage of Cybersecurity Compliance

Your organization will need to assess which cybersecurity frameworks best align with your business, services, and risk profile, as well as your potential customers. Cybersecurity compliance will need to be assessed on a recurring basis in order to ensure proper effectiveness for your organization’s critical controls.  

High-quality, comprehensive cybersecurity audits, like those offered by Auditwerx, can help your organization demonstrate a competitive advantage during the sales process. Our experienced team offers the industry expertise your organization needs for a smooth audit – the first time.  

If you are ready to learn how Auditwerx can support your organization’s compliance initiatives, contact us today. 

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