The Benefits of a SOC Readiness Assessment

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Auditwerx Blog The Benefits of a SOC Readiness Assessment

Get on with the SOC report already!? No wait! A SOC Readiness Assessment is the first step on your journey to compliance certification & validation. Let’s discuss the benefits of SOC readiness.

A SOC Readiness Assessment is an “assessment before the assessment” that analyzes your current process and controls processes from beginning to end, explains what controls should be in place at each step, and evaluates whether your existing controls are in line with best practices. You will be able to remediate any issue before your final report – which can save your organization time, money and headaches down the line.

3 Benefits of SOC Readiness:

  1. Identify Control Gaps: Once we have discussed your in-scope systems, our experienced auditors will help you identify security controls that should be in place or ineffective controls. Ensuring that the proper, working controls are in place 
  2. Receive Recommendations: Your auditors are with you at every step, and that includes making recommendations to strengthen your security posture. Our goal is to be a true partner in your compliance efforts. 
  3. Remediate Issues: This could include a new control or simply maintaining audit evidence like log files that are often purged but will need to be maintained over the reporting period. Your audit staff will work with you to ensure that the proper fixes have been implemented before your final SOC report. Without this, you could run into issues passing your examination.

SOC Readiness Assessment empowers you and your management team with all the information and opportunity needed to modify existing controls or institute new ones prior to the date of the SOC examination.

If you are ready to start the SOC Readiness process, contact Auditwerx today. 

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