IT Pro Tip: Protect ALL of Your Assets

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Auditwerx Blog IT Pro Tip Protect ALL of Your Assets

Not only is asset management critical from a financial standpoint (licensing, depreciation, etc.), but it also greatly facilitates security, audit, and compliance initiatives. 

How do you design a disaster recovery and business continuity plan if you don’t know what your critical assets are? How do you identify system populations for an audit if you don’t know what systems are out there? Inventory management has historically been a struggle for organizations of all sizes.

A Configuration Management Database (CMDB) can be cost prohibitive for small organizations, but the complexity of large organizations and departmental silos for tracking assets can be equally as challenging. They key to inventory management is having a central repository for all assets. Assets must be properly tagged within the repository to ensure that users can analyze and retrieve relevant information.

Organizations must ensure that the repository is updated regularly and that there is a process to compare what is on the network to what is in the inventory. You cannot protect what you don’t know exists.

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