What are SOC 1 IT General Controls?

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Auditwerx Blog What are SOC 1 IT General Controls

If you’re ready to learn about SOC 1 IT General Controls, you are in the right place! SOC reporting doesn’t have to be a mystery. Let’s break down what these controls are and how they relate to your business.

What is a SOC 1 Report?

A SOC 1 (Systems and Organization Control) report examines the internal controls your organization has in place in regards to systems that could impact your client’s financial reporting. A SOC 1 examination is meant to provide a third-party opinion on the internal controls you have in place and how they may impact your clients. 

SOC 1 IT General Controls

The IT General Controls are only one part of a SOC 1 assessment. IT general controls analyzed by a SOC 1 report typically include, but are not limited to:

  • Control Environment & Risk Assessment – controls around organization structure; policies and acknowledgements; employee background checks; management meetings/risk assessment
  • Physical Access – controls around physical access (understanding if servers are onsite or if third-party data centers are used)
  • Logical Access & Security – controls around logical access granted, modified, and removed, as well as privileged; passwords; websites; infrastructure (firewalls, SFTP, VPN, AV)
  • System Monitoring – controls around monitoring software and subservice organization monitoring, if applicable
  • System Change Management – controls around process for internally-developed software (authorization, testing, approval, segregation of duties, source code); patching; infrastructure changes
  • Backup and Recovery – controls around the backup process (configurations, alerts, logs)

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