Are Third-Party Readiness Tools Costing Your Business Extra Money?

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Auditwerx Blog Are Third-Party Readiness Tools Costing Your Business Extra Money

Third-party SOC or PCI readiness tools seem easy, don’t they! Taking a hands-off approach to your company’s security compliance may seem like it’s saving you time and money, but is that really true? 

While we know that building efficiencies is important, when it comes to a SOC report or a PCI assessment, you can’t replace the technical expertise and personalized service you receive when working with an experienced team.

1. Third-party readiness tools may not be as thorough as you think.

Even if you use an online or third-party readiness tool, you may find out that you aren’t as prepared for your SOC or PCI assessment as you think. This can result in you having to hire a firm for your readiness assessment anyways

2. The third-party readiness tools may be out of date.

You don’t have a one size fits all business, so your tools shouldn’t be either! Without constant upkeep, automated tools may not be able to keep pace with your changing business needs, or compliance and privacy protocols.

3. Personalized service and communication are integral for any readiness assessment.

Whether you need a SOC report, a PCI assessment, or anything in-between, you can’t replace the expertise of industry specialists who understand the ever-evolving world of security. A little mistake here can incur a BIG cost down the line.

Time is money, and no one has time for the extra work and expense that third-party or online readiness tools are adding to your business. If you are ready to explore options for your next SOC report or PCI DSS engagement, the specialists at Auditwerx are here to help! Contact us for a free quote today!

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