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Overwhelmed by the idea of going through the SOC reporting process? Don’t be! When you partner with Auditwerx, we’ll ensure that your SOC report is done right – the first time – with our perfect trifecta of industry expertise, client service & a track record of success. Save time and money by putting our industry expertise to your for you.


SOC Suite

SOC Readiness Assessments

New to the SOC auditing process? Auditwerx isn’t. The SOC Readiness Assessment empowers management with the information, and the opportunity needed, to modify existing controls or institute new ones prior to the date of the SOC examination.

SOC Suite


Type 1 reports on management’s description of a service organization’s system and the suitability of the design of controls related to the applicable trust services criteria description as of a specified date. This report offers a summary of your organization’s environment, letting your clients know that controls are appropriately designed and implemented.

SOC Suite


Type 2 reports on management’s description of a service organization’s system and the suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of the controls related to the applicable trust services criteria throughout a specified period. This offers your clients a historical view of your environment, showing that controls are appropriately designed and implemented.

SOC Suite



A high-quality partner understands that no two organizations are alike. Consequently, each organization has a different set of services and internal processes. A partner should take the time to understand the intricacies of an organization so that it delivers not only a trustworthy report, but also one that directly addresses the organizations qualities in its proposed solutions.


A high degree of subject matter expertise is required to understand, test, and report what matters most to the report’s users – simultaneously ensuring that the reporting process is both effective and efficient. This ensures that your finished report contains exactly the information your clients need – saving you time and money.


Working with an experienced partner reduces the risk of wasting valuable resources or producing an unreliable report. A high-quality partner has in-depth expertise in efficiently conducting the examination. It also has a wide range of industry knowledge. Because of its efficiency, the experienced partner saves organizations time and resources.

What Our Clients Have To Say
"We have been working with Auditwerx for the last 3 years on our SOC audit. Their auditors and team have brought a level of expertise and professionalism that has been unmatched..." - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & SECURITY MANAGER
What Our Clients Have To Say
"I have hired Auditwerx twice now, at two separate companies. Their team understands how the trust principles specifically apply to an agile technology SaaS business..." - DIRECTOR OF ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS
What Our Clients Have To Say
"...The Auditwerx team provided us with the necessary guidance, tools and knowledge allowing us to improve the overall process concerning both system’s security and privacy, as well as support to implement better controls that are a hard requirement in our sector. Auditors were extremely courteous and patience with a great sense of urgency when it was needed the most. We would highly recommend Auditwerx services to organizations of all sizes and requirement complexities." - VP, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
What Our Clients Have To Say
"...Our company is required to undergo a number of audits annually with various audit firms and Auditwerx has truly been pleasure to work with. I have referred Auditwerx to a number of clients and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to complete a SOC engagement." - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & SECURITY MANAGER

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Auditwerx is a specialty Certified Public Accountant firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida. We have served clients throughout the U.S. and Canada since 2005. Auditwerx strives to provide value to our clients and set the standard for the industry.

We have provided more than 2,500 service organization control audits to our clients through the years. To many of our clients, we are considered trusted business advisors, offering guidance and expertise in corporate governance and operational and information technology (IT) control strategies.