Free Download: PCI Starter Guide

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Free Download: PCI Starter Guide

Auditwerx provides a tailored approach to every PCI assessment based on your company’s needs.

We think outside the traditional black and white landscape of the security standard to help you assess and design controls within the constraints of your environment to meet the intent of the PCI DSS in a cost effective and efficient manner. 

There’s no official questionnaire or checklist that will complete the compliance process for you, but our PCI Guide will help your organization start off on the right track.

What You'll Get:

Free Download: PCI Starter Guide

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Your PCI Compliance Partner

A PCI DSS Compliance Report demonstrates to your current or future customers that you take protecting payment data and sensitive information seriously. When you’re ready to start your PCI DSS compliance journey, our experienced team will be here to walk you through the entire process, from audit readiness to your final report.

Trusted PCI Solutions

PCI Compliance Advisory

When new business or PCI initiatives arise, large or small, you need someone capable of looking at all facets of the project from a PCI perspective to determine the potential impact. Auditwerx can provide guidance on architecture changes, scoping definition, technology implementations, scope reduction, compliance cost reduction, new payment channels, and other areas. Every project is specifically tailored to your needs to ensure you receive the most value.

Facilitated Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

There are a variety of SAQs available and determining which apply in your situation may be challenging. Auditwerx professionals are here to assist you with identifying the appropriate SAQ associated with each payment channel and evaluating if you comply with the applicable requirements. We are your partner in this process and our goal is to assist your team in understanding and being able to accurately answer each question as you fill out the SAQ.

PCI DSS Assessment

Auditwerx will serve as your qualified security assessor (QSA), performs a detailed assessment, provides a PCI report on compliance (ROC) and a PCI attestation of compliance (AOC). Auditwerx is not a checkbox, one time a year assessor. Auditwerx is looking to establish long-term partnerships with continued interaction throughout the year to ensure you are kept apprised of new developments so that there are few if any surprises during the assessment. Our goal is to reduce the risk and liability to both organizations and to create efficiencies. This allows information security to be the primary focus, while making compliance a byproduct.

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